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Rafa: Body and Soul

Autumn Equinox Candle

Autumn Equinox Candle

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It is almost time to get on your jammies and head to bed; however, you are restless so you decide to go for a walk to clear your head. The autumnal air is crisp and either by luck or by fate, your backyard leads to an evergreen forest. This is where you go. The moonlight filters through the trees and guides you to a clearing. The mist settles around your ankles when you stop suddenly. You have stumbled across a group of dancers paying homage to the equalizing of light and dark with their movement, song and.....what is that....nag champa? You almost ask to join, but you are an awkward individual so you slowly back away and pretend it was all a dream.

Note Profile:

Top: Douglas Fir and White Pine

Mid: Nag Champa, Camphor

Base: Leather, Cedarwood

Essential oils used: Patchouli, Cedarwood, Fir Needle, Spearmint and Geranium

Topped with: Organic Sunflower petals and Organic Juniper

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  • 5 Reasons to Buy Our Candles

    *Soy & Coconut Wax = a clean burn, no more soot!
    *Cotton & Paper Wicks = no zinc here!
    *Essential oils = A more natural scent
    *Fragrance oils are Phlalate-Free and Proposition 65-Free! (Prop 65 Warning: known in the state of CA to cause cancer)
    *Jar can be used as storage, labels are easy to peel off for your convenience.

  • Would Make a Great Gift For

    *new homeowners
    *established home owners
    *people with noses
    *self care
    *birthday gift